Best ipad app for kids learning chinese

Studies have shown that kids actually have an amazing ability to pick up languages. However, parents might be not be giving sufficient opportunities for their children to be exposed to different languages. Fortunately, it is easier now for parents to do so via the iPad. Rather than playing meaningless games, you can let your child play with language learning app games that will engage and educate them. In today’s article, we will be showcasing a few of the best ipad app for children to learn Chinese.


App 1:  Disney’s learn Chinese – Toy Story 3

disney ipad app for learning chinese


  • Disney characters that will engage children
  • Beautiful animations with music and images
  • Read along to let children know Chinese pronunciation
  • Can check the English equivalent word


  • No Chinese characters
  • Not localised to Singapore context


App 2:  Feed Me! Preschool Learning App

Feedme ipad app for learning chinese



  • High quality images and sound
  • Engaging game system
  • Can learn words of different languages besides Chinese


  • Not localised


Animal Fun: Chinese for Kids

best app for kids to learn Chinese


  • High quality graphics
  • Suitable difficulty for children between 2 to 4
  • Voice over helps to learn the pronunciation of words
  • Recording functions helps the child to learn to speak
  • Chinese characters are available to help the child recognise its shape


  • Only have words dealing with animals


App 4: Lingo’s market

ipad app for kids to learn Chinese



  • High quality graphics and sound
  • Learn about more than 100 food items
  • Has voice around to learn prounication
  • Kids can learn about health benefits of food items
  • Easy for kids to play
  • Multi language learning


  • Only has food items

Chinese Writer- Best app to learn how to write Chinese

best app to learn how to write Chinese


  • Great app for learning how to write Chinese characters
  • Clear instructions on stroke by stroke teaching
  • High quality graphics and sound


  • Not suitable for very young kids
  • Focuses more on learning the stroke of writing Chinese characters, rather than learning the language itself


Chinese Word Puzzle

chinese cross word puzzle


  • Cross word puzzle format is engaging for some kids
  • Scoring mechanism to keep kids engaged


  • Not for very young kids
  • No English help
  • No voice over

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