Top Brain Award

Rewarding your effort every term.

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Your efforts deserve to be recognized and we can't wait to see you win the KooBits Top Brain Award! Find out how below:

Competition Scoring Period

You are automatically enrolled in the competition by simply accumulating Challenge Points during the following competition periods (inclusive of both start and end dates):

Term 1: 4 Jan to 26 Feb 2021
Term 2: 22 Mar to 14 May 2021
Term 3: 28 Jun to 20 Aug 2021
Term 4: 13 Sep to 29 Oct 2021

What are Challenge Points?

Challenge Points are points awarded whenever you complete a Daily Challenge, Peer Challenge or Sunday Mini Challenge.

The Challenge Points are accumulated during the respective competition periods to qualify you for the award!

How to earn more Challenge Points?

Tip 1: Complete the Daily Challenge every day.
Tip 2: Participate in Peer Challenge and earn points when you and your friends complete the challenge. You can send out or accept 3 Peer Challenges daily.
Tip #3: Complete your Sunday Mini Challenge to earn more points!

Top Brain Award rewards students who are consistent in their learning.

We appreciate you for more than just your learning efforts. We also want to celebrate your character, consistency and the positive effect you have on others when you encourage your friends to join the Top Brain Award and learn together.

The Top Brain Award is not just any award. It rewards students who are proactive in their learning and thinks win-win. It encourages consistency and promotes a healthy environment where diligent learners motivate one another to learn and achieve more together.

Learning is a continuous process and here at KooBits, we celebrate YOU for your quest for knowledge.

2 Categories for Top Brain Awards 2021

School Category Individual Category

You have an active KooBits School Plan
subscription in year 2021.

(If you don't have a School Plan, your school can sign up for you.)

You have an active KooBits Plus/Standard/Premium Plan subscription througout competition period.

(If you don't have a Premium plan, your parents can sign up for you.)
Award Criteria
Number 1
in the Top Brain leaderboard (Singapore School) category Top Brain of Singapore medal
Number 1
in the Top Brain leaderboard (My School) category Top Brain of School medal
Top Brain Gold Award
achieved 1000 CPs or above on termly Top Brain leaderboard
Top Brain Silver Award
achieved 500 CPs to 999 CPs on termly Top Brain leaderboard
Closing Date for Singapore Top Brain (Term 4) competition Scoring Period: 13 Sep to 29 Oct 2021
Closing Date: 29 Oct 2021
Scoring Period: 13 Sep to 29 Oct 2021
Closing Date: 29 Oct 2021

How do I claim my award?

The school award will be delivered to your school and your teachers will pass the award to the winners.
For individual category awards, we will contact you on the delivery/ collection of the awards.


Yes, as your child is eligible for both competition categories, he/she qualifies for both prizes.

Yes, your child's challenge points can be used for both school category and individual category, as long as your child meets the eligibility criteria. If your child is under Individual Plan, he/she will qualify for Top Brain individual category (automatically).

You can compare plans and understand more at Our Plus Plan has been discontinued.

You will not be able to sign up for school plan as only your child's school can do so.

Any non-school user can sign up for Individual Plan via For school plan user, you can only upgrade to Premium Plan and you can do so via as well.

For existing school users, when upgraded to a Premium Plan, you can still retain your child's school login ID. The newly upgraded account will retain all your child's past achievements and points. You'll notice that your child's login dashboard has changed and reflected the new subscription status (Premium plan). KooQuiz module will also appears on your child's dashboard.