the Standard Curriculum.

KooBits Premium celebrates your child’s achievements, sharpens critical thinking skills and boosts maths confidence.

Earn Individual Top Brain Awards Every Term
Boosts Motivation and Celebrates Achievements

We reward students who practise maths consistently with a medal and certificate every term delivered to your home.
  • Encourages daily maths practice
  • Recognises more on the effort, and less on results
  • Nurtures independent learning at home
Term 4’s Top Brain Medal (Individual Category) is still available if you subscribe by 30th Oct.

Top Schools’ Questions in One Place

Finding past school papers can be a chore. KooBits makes your life easier by compiling top school exam questions in one convenient package.
  • Printable worksheets for offline practice
  • Automated marking. No supervision required!
  • Primary 1 to 6 questions at your fingertips

100+ Interactive Virtual Classes
Exciting Maths Adventures Await

It’s a maths playground for curious students!
Let your child see how maths works in the real-world. Feed their curiosity, develop critical thinking and enrich their lives beyond the classroom.
  • Interactive virtual classes on topics that go beyond the classroom
  • Learn through meaningful, real world examples
  • Meet friendly and lovable characters

Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
The Ultimate Challenge for Maths Mastery

HOTS questions require students to truly understand a concept, and not simply rely on memorisation. These problems will be tough. But the results are worth the effort!
  • Powerful way to unlock problem-solving skills
  • Stretch your child’s mind and boost creativity
  • Detailed solutions available

Why Choose KooBits Premium

Termly Top Brain awards
Top school exam questions
Challenging heuristics problems, including tough PSLE questions
Over 90+ hours of interactive virtual classes
Access to the latest features
Premium Plan
School Plan
100,000+ Questions
1000+ Animated Explanations
Aligned to Syllabus
Improve Study Habits with Top Brain Awards
Awarded to students with more than 500 CPs per term
Awarded to #1 in the leaderboard per term.
Top Schools’ Exam Questions
100+ Interactive Maths Classes
Usual Pricing: $198/year
30% OFF Limited-Time Offer
Paid by School

How To Claim Term 4 Top Brain Awards
(Individual Category)

Step 1: Upgrade to Premium plan now;
Step 2: We will confirm your delivery address and mail out the award within 3 working weeks.
The last day to collect Term 4’s medal is 30th October
Limited-Time 30% Discount applied at checkout.
Frequently Asked Questions
No. The Top Brain Award organized by some schools falls under the School category. The School category, due to budget limitations, awards medals to only the top student (1 student).

This award that your child is eligible for refers to the Top Brain Award under the Individual category. Students under the Premium Plan are eligible for it. Selected parents who are keen to reward their child’s hard work, are given the option to upgrade their School Plan to the Premium Plan.

The Premium Plan is designed for holistic enrichment of children, beyond the school curriculum. Every student who has demonstrated consistency and hard work by accumulating more than 300 challenge points in the stated period will be given a medal. Furthermore, they get access to several additional features such as Higher order thinking skills (HOTS), top school exam papers, and virtual
Please contact our friendly Customer Support team via WhatsApp (+65 8484 6624) or email ([email protected]).

KooBits is the organizer of the Top Brain awards (Individual Category), and this has no affiliation with your child’s school. Please do not contact your child’s school teacher as they will not have any information about this award.
After upgrading to the Premium Plan, our friendly customer support team will contact you to collect your mailing address, and we will deliver the medal within 4-5 weeks after the campaign period ends.

If our team has not contacted you within 5 working days of upgrading to the Premium Plan, please contact us via WhatsApp (+65 8484 6624) or email ([email protected]), and we will be happy to assist.
When upgraded to a Premium Plan, you can still retain your child’s school login ID. The newly upgraded account will retain your child’s past achievements and points. You’ll notice that your child’s login dashboard shows 2 icons in the top left corner: “School Plan” and “Premium Plan”. Your child can toggle between both to access the full functionality and features of the KooBits platform.
The School Plan is subscribed by schools and comes with features aligned to the standard school curriculum.

The Premium Plan is designed to enrich your child’s holistic learning, and comes with added features. On top of all features within the School plan, it also includes Higher order thinking skills (HOTS), Top School Exam Papers, and Virtual Interactive Classes (KooClass). Learn more about these features at https://www. koobits.com/math/beyond.
Challenge points are accumulative rewards that are earned by students when they complete Math questions and activities on KooBits.

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