These Super-Mums Got Their Kids To Ace Math, With Just 20 Min Practice A Day

When Janice realized that her son, Bjorn, was struggling with math, she did what any concerned parent would do – hire a private tutor and visit the bookstore to buy 3 more math practice assessment books.

““My son gets frustrated with maths in school. He is very easily distracted, and cannot stay focused to read the textbook or practice papers.”
— Janice, parent of Bjorn (Grade 3 student).

But getting Bjorn to do more hours of practice hardly worked – Bjorn became more resentful towards math, and Janice ended up having to spend more time nagging at him.

Today, with the pandemic in full-swing, and schools moving online, many parents like Janice are dealing with the challenges of e-learning, while having their own work-deadlines. 

With schools being under-equipped to teach effectively online, teachers are leaving the actual teaching to parents. 

Math, in particular, is proving difficult, especially when children run into problems they can’t solve or principles they don’t yet understand. 

For many parents, teaching maths has been a real struggle

“My daughter’s teacher just teaches her for 15 mins a day, and assigns homework to her. She doesn’t understand anything, and I have to spend time teaching her! I haven’t taken a break in months..”
— Vonny, parent of Gabriella (Grade 4 student)
Some parents are unfamiliar with the teaching methods used in schools - such as the bar-model method. They probably never used bar-models back at school, and instead learnt algebra. If parents were to teach using algebra, it would most likely leave their child even more confused.
Even if parents are familiar with the school’s teaching method, explaining it in a way that children understand is another challenge. Parents sit down to explain, patiently, with drawings and gestures and all. The solution seems so obvious to them. But their child still has a blank expression...
Parents then end up having to explain multiple times. And with each repetition, they have lesser and lesser patience.

At the end of the day, both parents and their children are frustrated.

We’ve all been there. What parents like us usually do.

Some parents hire a tutor. Having an expert spend extra time teaching their child is bound to help them understand maths concepts better, right? Not always.

With classes just 1-2 times a week, children often have to wait to clarify questions. Many parents have remarked that their child even ends up forgetting to ask! This delayed assistance can be quite disruptive to learning, especially due to short attention span in children.
Others make a trip to the local bookstore to pick up “more interesting” guide books or assessment books. But even this does not solve the problem. Static books, no matter how well illustrated, are still ineffective in bringing a topic to life.

What if there was a better way?

A way where:
  • Your child could get help instantly.
    — No need to wait for Mum, Dad or teacher to help.
  • They could be taught maths concepts in a way they understand.
    — Just like having an engaging teacher explaining in front of them.
  • They could get step-by-step solutions to problems they’re struggling with.
    — Not the final answer like in most assessment books, FULL solutions.
  • They could even learn different ways to solve the SAME problem.
    — Not just memorize one method.
  • All of this, taught in the EXACT method being used in schools.
    — 100% aligned to MOE curriculum.
  • And as a parent, you don’t even need to step in.
    — Your child learns independently, confidently and enthusiastically.
This is now possible. With KooBits Math.
The No.1 maths e-learning platform. Designed specially to help kids enhance their maths skills. It is the only tool your child needs to ace maths.
And thousands of children are already using it to practise maths every day.

Trusted by 150,000 kids today! 

Why does KooBits work so effectively?

KooBits enables kids to understand 10x faster.

  • Most kids have difficulty grasping maths concepts because they are unable to visualise them. Only very engaging teachers with additional teaching tools are able to deliver that.
  • KooBits promotes a highly visual learning method, which is designed to bring an engaging experience to every child, right on their computer.
  • With 1000+ animated video tutorials, complete with colorful graphics (including bar-models), sound effects and voice overs, maths problems are brought to life. This helps kids understand 10x faster compared to any other regular frontal teaching video.
Play Video
Play Video

Kids get INSTANT help on their questions.

  • Unlike waiting for tuition classes or for Mom/Dad, KooBits video tutorials and step-by-step solutions are accessible anytime, on-demand, anywhere.
  • Kids can clarify questions instantly, and learn in a more focused way.
  • All they have to do is to search for the topic on KooBits, watch the video tutorial and find out how it’s done. Then they can do practice problems to solidify their understanding.

Kids achieve a SUSTAINED improvement in Math

  • Other math supplementary programmes or videos in the market focus on rote memorisation methods and excessive practice, which provide only short-term results.
  • Unlike these, KooBits’s video tutorials are specially crafted to build critical thinking skills in children. They follow the 4-step Poyla’s method of instruction, only employed by top schools. Kids are taught to:
    • Ask the right questions to understand the problem.
    • Choose the right strategy to solve it via decision guides.
    • Step-by-step problem solving and solutions
    • A different way to solve the same problem.
  • Not only do kids improve in maths, but also open up their mind and learn how to think.
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Parents don’t need to buy any extra assessments or tuitions.

  • KooBits comes with 150,000+ practice questions, equivalent to about 700 assessment books and test papers.
  • All of these questions come with step-by-step solutions, not just the final answer like in most assessment books.
  • KooBits also comes with a complete list of ALL top school exam papers – to ensure your child is ready for exams.
  • KooBits teaches in the EXACT same method being used in schools, and is 100% aligned to MOE curriculum.

Kids study smart, not hard. 

  • No need for long hours of math practice, just 20 mins of deliberate KooBits practice is sufficient to ace exams.
  • KooBits tracks your child’s performance in REAL-TIME and compiles it into mistake and proficiency reports.
  • These reports show kids their strong and weak areas, and can even be presented to school / tuition teachers for extra guidance.
  • Kids are empowered to become proactive and take charge of their own learning – many kids monitor weak areas and “conquer” them through extra practices that are automatically assigned by the system.
  • Parents get a free parent app, which gives them real-time progress updates. So parents can focus on giving kids the right encouragement, and celebrate wins.
  • Leave the difficult part of teaching to KooBits.
Tuition / School
Assessment Books
Mom / Dad
Instantly answers questions?
Uses visualization methods to enhance understanding?
Has step-by-step solutions for all questions?
Has a complete range of questions AND top school papers?
Starting from S$12/month only

No more struggle for your child's maths.

Starting from S$12/month only

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