Build A Strong Foundation for Primary School by Developing Your Child’s Confidence in Maths

Prepare your child for Primary 1 with Singapore’s #1 maths platform used by 50% of primary schools
The first day of school marks the beginning of an exciting learning journey. New friends, new routines and a new life. KooBits prepares your child for learning in this unfamiliar environment, so he or she will start to look forward to school!

Why KooBits?

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Develop your child’s love for maths
Building your child’s confidence and numeracy skills for a strong start to primary school begins with developing their love and interest in maths. Here’s how KooBits can help!

Discover the joys of learning maths

Getting frustrated with assessment books or unsure of how to use them with your child? When kids practice questions on KooBits, we encourage them to enjoy learning through motivational cues and instant feedback. We also design practices as challenges where kids earn rewards for practicing maths. It’s a fun and stress-free environment to learn!

Be your child’s ‘learning buddy’

Bond with your child over maths! Learn alongside your child by watching animated video tutorials, playing maths games, doing mini-challenges and practicing questions together.

A healthier option for screen time

Instead of watching TV or videos passively, improve screen time usage by watching video tutorials followed by practicing questions. Your child can also engage in games and challenges to strengthen numeracy skills.

How To Prepare for Primary 1 With KooBits

Cultivate a habit to learn daily - Do the Daily Challenge

Encourage your child to get a daily dose of practice with the Daily Challenge. Your child can complete 10 short questions every day to earn challenge points and a unique hero badge. The difficulty level of these questions is personalised to suit your child’s needs.

Introduce your child to Primary 1 topics - Complete Missions

With missions, your child can learn new concepts in a fun and purposeful way! Start by watching a tutorial video and then apply the new-found knowledge by practicing. If your child gets stuck, they can watch a video solution that helps them understand the concept before trying again.

Apply math concepts to real-world problems - Watch KooClass

Grow your child’s interest and problem-solving skills by understanding how math is relevant to the world around them. In KooClass, we apply math concepts to real-world examples in ways that are both interesting and practical.

Make learning math a ton of fun - Play Brain Games

Engage in games designed to improve memory, mental calculation, dexterity, attention span, and more! To ensure your child gets an optimal balance of practice and play, Brain Games can be played for only 25 minutes a day.

How does KooBits fit into my day?

Watch a KooClass video or relax with 25 minutes of Brain Games after dinner. It’s the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day. Fun fact: We have seen kids log in at 6am to start their day with the Daily Challenge!
Get ready for school with 20 minutes of math practice in the morning. Treat this like a “warm up” for your child’s mind!
Going for tuition? Use KooBits to introduce topics beforehand. This eases your child into new topics, and makes tuition even more effective.
50% of Singapore’s primary schools are already using KooBits in their classes
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is KooBits different from online tuition?
In KooBits, we promote self-directed learning. We believe that students learn best when they want to do so by themselves. That’s why, unlike most online tuition, we don’t have a schedule or a calendar for students to follow. The results and work done on KooBits are driven by a child’s motivation. We don’t nag, scold or pester students to learn. Our features are designed to let students practice math purely from interest. That is the most powerful element in nurturing independent learning.

We don’t offer live tutoring as well. KooBits is a digital platform that uses videos to teach and reinforce math concepts. The advantage is that your child now has access to help whenever they need it. Simply select the skill and play the corresponding video. It’s like having a tutor on standby! All the content is designed by ex-tutors and professional educators, so your child will get the same high-quality education from tutors.
How is KooBits different from using assessment books & worksheets?
Practicing assessment books is a traditional learning method with a heavy focus on the results. P1 students may find that stressful when they are stuck on a question or make mistakes. This lowers their confidence which may make them dislike learning math.

At KooBits, we build students’ confidence by making practice fun, enjoyable and stress-free. This is done through videos, instant feedback and a smart reward system.

For a digital-native generation, KooBits will be a more familiar environment for students. Our videos also help to explain concepts much better than any textbook in the market.

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