Frequently Asked Questions

KooBits is a self-directed learning platform. You can access more than 1,000 video tutorials and 100,000 questions across Grade 1 to Grade 6. There are also revision papers, custom created assignments, reports to track performance, games and stories, all in one account. There is no tutor nor a specific lesson schedule. Your child can learn at his/her preferred time and pace. It includes:
  • Curriculum aligned education resource 
  • World-class pedagogy
  • Interactive and animated learning content
  • Highly engaging and motivating reward system for children
We have recorded a quick video for you:

KooBits believes in children’s power to learn independently, and we have made world class teaching pedagogy as part of the platform for children to learn effectively through animation, practices and challenges. We do not offer online teacher-led tuition classes.

But, you can refer to the study plan that we have put together based on the feedback from the parents.

Even though it is possible to share 1 account among several kids, it is not advisable to do so.

One of our strongest features is our AI system’s ability to capture all learning data of your child and summarize them into a detailed report, highlighting strengths and weaknesses. Having more than one user for the same account will result in an inaccurate report.

We highly recommend that each child has their own account so that you can track each child’s Math progress and achievements.

Our student’s platform is not designed for mobile phones. You can access only through a Web browser on a desktop computer, laptops, tablets or any other digital device with internet connection for the best user experience.

KooBits can be accessed through a web browser, so no need to download an application.

Our student account is web-based, thus easier to access via different devices if required. Please log in using a laptop/desktop or tablet for the best user experience.

We have a parent app for you to view the report and monitor your child’s progress more efficiently using your phone.

In short, yes. We have a definite number of questions on our platform, sorted into levels, topics and skills. It is mathematically possible for a child to complete all the questions. But we have almost 1,000+ learning video tutorials and more than 100,000 questions across Grade 1 to Grade 6 at the moment. It will be pretty impressive for a child to exhaust all our content.

Our content team is constantly creating more material, but to be honest, adding more questions is not our top priority now. We are currently developing more awesome features to make our platform even more engaging for our users. More exciting content to engage them beyond the standard textbook curriculum.

KooClass is a series of interactive virtual classes to help kids aged 6-12 years learn about real-world applications of math topics taught in school. With KooClass, kids can relate Math to their everyday life and see examples of applying it to their world. KooClass also serves as a tool  to help kids open their minds to absorb more information. Research shows that when kids “prepare their minds” properly before learning, they can achieve as high as 70% retention of knowledge, compared to the usual 30%.

Sample KooClass

Mission is where you will practice all skills relevant to every topic within your curriculum.

By practicing each skill, your kid will also get to unlock rewards such as KoKo credits – which you can then use to gain access to fun and exciting activities such as Brain Games and StoryMath – completely for your child’s enjoyment (but only after learning)!

The video below will walk you through what the entire process of earning KoKo Credits via Mission skill-practices look like, as well as how you can thereafter use the KoKo Credits you’ve earned in the Brain Games and StoryMath segments!

Daily Challenge is a habit-forming feature. This feature’s main objective is to engage the students and develop a good habit of solving at least 10 math questions a day. The questions in the Daily Challenge will be different for each Grade and are designed to have questions that will have all the difficulty levels starting from Elementary.

  1. Philippines local DepED curriculum
  2. International curriculum

You will not be able to change the grade level in between. But it will automatically progress to the next level when the new academic years starts.

The platform allows your child to login between 6am – 10pm, Everyday and shuts downs after that.

KooBits is the ONLY education platform in the world that shuts down at 10 pm every night due to feedback from parents: their children are having so much fun, they don’t want to leave the platform! KooBits opens daily at 6 am and without fail, there are thousands of children queuing up in the morning to continue their KooBits learning journey.

Yes, there are six areas in Brain Games: Attention, Memory, Flexibility, Problem Solving, Speed and Adventure. And we have some rules:
  1. The feature opens from 8am to 8pm daily.
  2. You can only play up to 25 minutes in a single day. The play time starts counting once any game starts and is consumed while playing or after. 
  3. Each game requires 1 KoKo Credit each day. Your child can earn more KoKo credits from Homework, Daily Bonus and Daily Challenge.

You can find the challenging questions under HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) which focus on the 12 essential heuristics skills sorted into more than 170 identified skills by our Content Team. We have more than 1,700 challenging questions here. These problems will be tough. But the results are worth the effort.

Yes. Your child’s account has unlimited access to any questions in all Grade 1 to 6 levels under the Mission feature.

Besides, the default level is used to personalize your child’s daily experience under the Challenge module.

Our content is designed for Grade 1 to 6 learners. Some of our younger learners start earlier at 6 or even at 5 years old. Every child is unique. Every child learns at a different pace.

As parents ourselves, we worry about screen times too. That’s why we designed KooBits to be effective with only 20 minutes of use a day. After all, we believe that consistency is better than intensity.

KooBits also limits the math games and math stories to a maximum of 25 minutes a day to avoid excessive use. Challenge activities close at 10pm for optimal sleep time.