Do you really know how to start an education business?

Curriculums, tutors, rentals, renovations, furnitures, brochures… Not so simple. Are you sure to start?

“Yes, I'm sure. But can we start something small first...”


Early last year, most of our partners were thinking the same thing before they found us.

We all know the initial setup of an education centre is expensive and troublesome. On top of that, you may soon realise that it’s such a crowded market and not all centres are doing well as expected.

My friend, there’s no need to worry any of those if you’re with us.

First, you don’t need to open an education centre to pursuit your education business dream.

Alternatively, right here today, you can start doing business directly with any schools in your region by introducing KooBits’s award-winning education products and making money within weeks like what our other partners did.

Now you may wonder who is KooBits and what is this education product.

In short, KooBits® is an education technology firm since 2000s, and the product is ProblemSums, the most comprehensive online enrichment programme for children ages 4-13 to learn and practise maths.

THE FACT: More than 80,000 students in Singapore are using KooBits to improve their maths every day.

Why is it so popular? Let me share the secret with you:

Its content and pedagogy are based on Singapore Maths, the most successful maths curriculum in the world according to TIMSS, the authority in mathematics assessment worldwide.

We have painstakingly designed the high quality Singapore Maths online learning programme integrated with a full suite of video lessons, word problems and engagement activities to benefit students enormously.

You can learn a bit more about the product at

Alright. You may not believe everything we said at this moment. But over the years, we’ve been trusted by many industry leaders, including winning the prestigious EdTech Excellence Award by Bett, world’s biggest education technology exhibition.

Industry Recognitions & Awards for KooBits

At this point, you might be thinking – “Impressive… but I’m just not jumping into it now.”.

Why not? You should hear what our partners are saying and planning.

For example. Sentoso, our Jakarta partner:

Or Ina, our Manila partner:

How to ensure all partners can grow their businesses like Sentoso and Ina?

That’s exactly why we formulated a path to success for our partners:

The KooBits Reseller Plan

The plan is a proven process for anyone to start and grow business as a KooBits Reseller.

It’s the exact process Sentoso and Ina used to prepare, acquire, sell, deal, and eventually realise their dreams in education business.

Most importantly, the Plan takes the guesswork out of starting and growing an education business effortlessly.

It looks something like this:

Got it?

Okay. Now let’s talk about the money you’re going to make. Lots of it.

Before sharing your revenues with us, here you can set your own margins in your few deals.

That’s right, you choose how much money you make off each deal.

Here is how it works:

You simply order 600 user accounts from us at a discounted rate, then sell them as package to one or many schools at your preferred pricing.

It’s very simple maths for you.

It feels good to have that power, right?

You’ll Know FOR A FACT That Your Business Can Start Within One Day…

Let’s wrap up and see why you should join today:

  • Easy Start-up.
    No setup cost. Everything is ready for you to sell anytime.
  • Guided Sales.
    You’ll be assisted in getting and closing first few school deals.
  • Steady Growth.
    Projected break-even within 6 months, or at your own pace.
  • Quality Product.
    Proven Singapore maths curriculum and content for any school.
  • Flexible Working.
    It’s up to you to work anywhere or expand the business further.
  • Ongoing Support.
    We’re here to help you succeed with all resources we have.

Still hesitating? There’s no risk to submit your application below and your education business dream is almost set to fly!

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