A Proven, Step-By-Step Method for Scoring More Marks in Open-Ended Questions

Singapore’s first digital OEQ platform helps your child ace scary Booklet B questions confidently… without spending hours on assessment books or memorising science facts.
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Master OEQs with This World-Famous Method

We use a proven technique called “scaffolding” to break OEQs into 2 parts. This popular method is used by top schools globally to help students pick up new skills quickly.
First, students learn the correct concepts by answering online papers with scientific keywords. Then, with more confidence, they can print out these papers and write the solutions in their own words.
This step-by-step approach, together with the popular Claim-Evidence-Reasoning (CER) method, makes OEQs more manageable and lowers your child’s frustration!

Learn More Effectively with Teacher-Like Explanations

Flip through your child’s textbook and you’d be shocked to see a lack of OEQs and answers! Most science textbooks are designed for learning, not for exam preparation.
In KooBits, you’ll find a section filled with P3-P6 OEQ worksheets. For each question, we show students the concept tested, command word used, and an in-depth explanation. It’s almost like having a teacher sitting next to your child, patiently guiding them through difficult questions.
No other assessment books or digital platforms offer this level of detail in the answers to OEQs.
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Stop Losing Marks from Missed Keywords and Misconceptions

Wonder why your child’s answers seem “correct” but the teacher still marks it wrong? That’s due to missed keywords and common misconceptions.
We have step-by-step animated tutorials to clarify misconceptions. There are also plenty of practice questions to reinforce keywords. Instead of revising blindly, we target these common mistakes so students won’t repeat them during exams.
Ace Open-Ended Questions In 3 Steps
Learn through Scaffolding
Print & Practise
Score in Exams

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, KooBits is not online tuition. Instead, it’s an online platform that motivates kids to practise consistently. There are no tutors or in-person lessons. Students are free to learn by themselves for as long as they want to. This powerful way of learning boosts knowledge retention and naturally leads to more practice sessions than traditional methods. Some parents admitted their kids asked them for more practice time with KooBits too!

You can get OEQ worksheets with a KooBits Science account. It is an online platform that encourages your child to learn science consistently.

Your child can use a tablet or computer to log in to the account to practise 10,000+ P3 to P6 questions or 120+ top school worksheets. We also have a library of animations to clarify misconceptions or to reinforce keywords.

Your child can also watch animated tutorials for nearly every science skill. Use it to revise for exams, get help for specific skills at any time, or get a headstart in the topic before the teacher starts teaching it.

Yes, KooBits is a perfect supplement to your child’s tuition. KooBits reinforces a child’s knowledge, so they benefit more from an in-person class. Instead of waiting for tuition to clarify doubts, your child can rely on KooBits for help anywhere, anytime.

Plus, our detailed answer sheet is almost like having a patient tutor explaining concepts to your child!

Yes! Click on the toggle located at the top left of the dashboard to start a trial. You can switch subjects using the same button.

Yes, our worksheets can be used for both online and offline practice. The online version reinforces keywords and concepts by asking your child to fill in the blanks. The printed version has empty lines for your child to write their answers. It’s exactly the same as what your child will see during exams. If your child needs help, scan the QR code found in the worksheets. It will load an answer sheet with explanations more detailed than your typical assessment books. These explanations are critical in helping your child to fully understand the solution.

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