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100% Aligned to MOE Syllabus

Singapore's only digital practice platform that is fully aligned with the MOE syllabus, designed to help your child excel in school and exams.
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Learn Science Independently

KooBits Science helps your child learn science independently, with instant feedback and video solutions available when they are stuck or make mistakes.

Understand Key Concepts

With KooBits Science, children can understand and master key science concepts through our engaging animated tutorials, breaking down concepts in a clear format.

Master Exam Techniques

Our program introduces a structured process for tackling all types of exam questions, helping your child to write answers that include all the right keywords.

Hassle-Free Experience for Parents

Our detailed video explanations, practice questions, and motivating rewards are designed for self-directed learning, giving parents a hassle-free experience.

New Launch: P1-P2 Science

Based off P3-6 curriculum and specially designed to help young learners ease into a new subject. All questions come with visual cues and voice-overs to allow them to do questions smoothly and independently.

New Launch: StoryScience Comics

Our StoryScience Comic series introduces kids to science concepts in an engaging and approachable way. Each story weaves keywords into the plot so your child learns while having fun.

Fully Aligned to MOE Syllabus
Get unlimited access to all levels for revision with your subscription

  • Our Body

    Skills: Recognise and name the major parts of the human body, Recognise the five senses and what they detect, Recognise the function of the eyes... +6 more skills

  • Alive and Never Been Alive

    Skills: Recognise key characteristics of living things, Recognise that animals are living things, Recognise that plants are living things... +3 more skills

  • Plants

    Skills: Identify a plant, Identify and name the major parts of flowering plants, Recognise the conditions for plants to survive

  • Materials

    Skills: Identify and name common materials, Recognise and sort objects into common groups of materials, Recognise the properties of wood... +8 more skills

  • Sounds

    Skills: Identify different sources of sound, Recognise how sound changes as it travels, Recognise how the volume of sound affects our environment

  • Movement of Objects

    Skills: Recognise push and pull as forces, Relate the amount of force to the distance travelled, Recognise what happens when an object is placed in water

  • Electricity

    Skills: Recognise uses of electricity, Recognise the needs and ways to use electricity wisely

  • Magnets

    Skills: Recognise different types of magnets, Recognise how magnets interact with magnetic and non-magnetic materials, Recognise interactions between bar magnets

  • Earth and the Sun

    Skills: Recognise the characteristics of planet Earth, Recognise that the Sun gives out heat and light, Recognise the characteristics of the Sun

  • Animals

    Skills: Recognise how different body parts help animals, Identify the body coverings of animals, Compare the external body coverings of animals... +2 more skills

  • Being Healthy

    Skills: Recognise a healthy meal, Recognise the need for a healthy diet, Recognise the needs and ways to practice good hygiene... +5 more skills

  • Habitats

    Skills: Recognise the characteristics of a tropical rainforest habitat, Recognise the characteristics of a grassland habitat, Recognise the characteristics of a desert habitat... +4 more skills

  • Materials

    Skills: Recognise natural and manufactured materials, Recognise that materials can have more than one property, Recognise that materials can either float or sink in water... +5 more skills

  • Forces

    Skills: Recognise the direction of a force, Recognise that forces can start or stop an object, Recognise that forces can change the speed of an object...+3 more skills

  • Light and Darkness

    Skills: Recognise and identify sources of light, including the Sun

  • More About Electricity

    Skills: Recognise how electricity can be used safely, Identify the components of a simple circuit

  • Rocks

    Skills: Compare the characteristics of different types of rocks, Recognise that rocks are extracted from the Earth in different ways

  • Changes to Our Environment

    Skills: Recognise the ways humans have changed the environment, Recognise how human activities can have positive effects on the environment, Recognise how human activities can have negative effects on the environment

  • The Sun

    Skills: Relate the apparent movement of the Sun during the day to the Earth spinning

  • Diversity of Living and Non-living Things

    Skills: Recognise characteristics of living things, Recognise characteristics of non-living things, Compare living and non-living things based on their characteristics... +5 more skills

  • Classification of Living Things

    Skills: Recognise characteristics of birds, Recognise characteristics of insects, Identify similar characteristics among different animal groups... +3 more skills

  • Diversity of Materials

    Skills: Recognise different types of materials, Compare different types of materials, Describe materials based on their physical properties... +6 more skills

  • Cycles - Life Cycles of Animals and Plants

    Skills: Recognise the stages in the life cycle of plants, Recognise the stages in the life cycle of a frog, Recognise the stages in the life cycle of a cockroach... +3 more

  • Interactions - Magnets

    Skills: Compare magnetic and non-magnetic materials, Identify the poles of a magnet, Identify the part of the magnet with the strongest attraction... +7 more skills

  • Systems - Plant Parts and Functions

    Skills: Recognise the functions of leaves in plants, Compare parts and functions of plants

  • Systems - Human Systems

    Skills: Differentiate the different organ systems in the human body, Describe how the human digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems work together, Recognise the parts and functions of the human respiratory system... +2 more skills

  • Systems - Human Digestive System

    Skills: Recognise the parts and functions of the human digestive system, Compare the organs in the human digestive system based on their functions, Describe the human digestive process

  • Cycles - Matter

    Skills: Recognise matter and its properties, Identify the properties of a liquid in terms of shape and volume, Identify the properties of a gas in terms of shape and volume... +3 more skills

  • Energy - Light

    Skills: Recognise the properties of light, Identify various sources of light, Describe how objects can be seen in the presence of light, Describe how shadows are formed... +4 more skills

  • Energy - Heat

    Skills: Differentiate between heat and temperature, Recognise that heat flows from a hotter to a colder place, Relate changes in temperature of an object to the gain or loss of heat... +5 more skills

  • Cycles - Cell

    Skills: Recognise characteristics of a cell, Recognise the parts of an animal cell, Recognise the different parts of a plant cell, Relate the different cell parts to their functions, Compare animal cells and plant cells based on their parts and functions

  • Cycles - Reproduction in Plants and Animals

    Skills: Recognise the role of reproduction in living things, Examine how parents can pass on some of their traits to their young, Compare the reproductive parts of flowering plants based on their functions, Describe the process of wind pollination in flowering plants, Examine pollination in flowering plants... +12 more skills

  • Cycles - Water & Changes of State

    Skills: Compare the properties of water in its three states, Recognise the effect of heat gain on the changes in the states of water, Describe how water changes from one state to another, Describe the process of melting and freezing of water... +6 more skills

  • Cycles - Water Cycle

    Skills: Identify the parts of the water cycle, Recognise the processes in the water cycle, Recognise the importance of water to life processes in plants and humans, Describe the causes and effects of water pollution on Earth’s water resources, Identify ways to conserve water including the use of the 3Rs

  • Systems - Plant Respiratory and Circulatory System

    Skills: Recognise how plants exchange gases with their surroundings, Describe how substances are transported in the plant transport system

  • Systems - Human Respiratory and Circulatory System

    Skills: Recognise that air is a mixture of gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour, and carbon dioxide, Compare the organs of the human respiratory system based on their functions, Describe the human respiratory process... +7 more skills

  • Systems - Electrical System

    Skills: Identify the components of an electrical system, Differentiate closed and open circuits, Compare series and parallel circuits, Compare materials based on their electrical conductance... +4 more skills

  • Energy - Photosynthesis

    Skills: Recognise that living things need energy to carry out life processes, Describe how plants make their own food through photosynthesis... +3 more skills

  • Energy - Energy Conversion

    Skills: Recognise characteristics of energy, Identify various forms of energy, Recognise factors that affect the amount of kinetic energy in a system... +8 more skills

  • Interactions - Forces

    Skills: Differentiate between a push force and a pull force, Examine the effects of forces that can be seen and felt, Identify frictional forces... + 8 more skills

  • Interactions - Interactions within the Environment

    Skills: Recognise characteristics of a population of organisms, Recognise characteristics of a habitat, Differentiate among the terms, organism, population, habitat and community... +7 more skills

  • Interactions - Food Chains and Food Webs

    Skills: Describe the roles of various organisms in a food chain, Examine how the relationships between organisms in a food chain affect population sizes, Recognise a food web... +2 more skills

  • Interactions - Adaptations

    Skills: Differentiate between structural and behavioural adaptations of organisms, Recognise how organisms adapt to hot and dry conditions, Recognise how organisms adapt to cold conditions... +6 skills

  • Interactions - Man's Impact on His Environment

    Skills: Identify the components of an electrical system, Differentiate closed and open circuits, Compare series and parallel circuits, Compare materials based on their electrical conductance... +4 more skills

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, KooBits is not an online tuition. There are no tutors or live lessons. 

It’s an online platform that motivates kids to practise online consistently. Students are free to learn by themselves for as long as they want. This is a powerful way of learning that boosts knowledge retention and naturally leads to more practice sessions than traditional methods. In fact, some parents told us that their kids ask them for more practice time with KooBits!

Absolutely! Our team has designed material to provide a lead-in to P3-6 science. All P1-2 questions have at least one image included as young learners rely heavily on visual cues.

KooBits Science will help your P1 or P2 child familiarise with terminologies with a focus on relating images to words and help them ease into the new subject in P3 without anxiety.

Sign up today and give your child the tools they need to excel in science!

The school’s version does not have KooBits Science included. There are currently no plans to add KooBits Science to the existing school plan.

Yes! We are currently offering a 30% discount on KooBits Math + Science purchases. Please purchase via this link.
One of the main difficulties children face is in expressing Science concepts in proper scientific terms. They also tend to misunderstand or misinterpret certain Science concepts when applied to different contexts. For example, “like poles of magnets repel each other” vs “like poles of magnets reject each other” – some children may not see a difference in the two ways of expressing, but scientifically, it is not correct to say that the magnets reject each other.  Another example, “Spiders are insects” – some children may overgeneralise the animal group of insects to also include spiders because spiders do look like insects. Misconceptions like these are formed overtime, and can lead to loss of marks in exams if not corrected early.  KooBits helps children to get exposed to common misconceptions & keywords through bite-sized video lessons. These lessons help them familiarize with these common challenges in a more interactive way. And because these important concepts are delivered to them in a fun, interactive and engaging manner, they retain knowledge a lot better than memorizing textbooks. This will pay off during exams when they are more likely to recall these concepts.

We recommend separate accounts for each child to enhance their learning experience. Individual accounts offer personalized progress reports and assessments as they are based on the child’s answers and grade level.

Sharing an account may lead to inaccurate progress tracking and limit access to engaging challenge activities that can only be attempted once per day, allowing only one child to benefit. To maximize each child’s growth and learning, we encourage you to provide them with their own accounts.

Our 30% bundle deal is a special offer available for a limited time and is exclusively available for customers making direct purchases during the promotional period from our website.

As a trial user, you can still enjoy an exclusive 25% discount on individual subjects. However, please note that the availability of the 25% discount depends on the availability of slots for trial users.

For other questions, please visit KooBits Science FAQs.
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Based on 141 reviews
5 August 2023
KooBits is good for daily revision for math and science. My child can also access to other levels, he is an advance math learner instead of what is being taught in school, he is P4 and in his school’s E2k Math programme. He loves Story Math. KooBits Science allows my child to master MCQ questions very well and answering section B open-ended questions in a logical manner with the right keywords. From a child anxious about Science in P3, he has grew to love Science and excelled in it and was selected to be in the E2k Science programme in his school. He is P4 now, he is confident and excited about science.
Andy Sim
Andy Sim
4 August 2023
My son learns by himself and is able to understand through videos
Leela Priyadharsini
Leela Priyadharsini
28 July 2023
As a parent, I am happy that my son is using his screen time productively. He is engaged with koobits on his own and I am happy that the content supports self learning.
Ibrahim Sanusi
Ibrahim Sanusi
10 July 2023
My daughter is having fun while learning her Maths through KooBits.
Noorrenny mn
Noorrenny mn
10 July 2023
My child enjoys the lesson and able to complete the task given. It was really helpful at a resonable price!
Almusta'inah Mohd Shah
Almusta'inah Mohd Shah
8 July 2023
My child had a better understanding of the topics. She's more motivated to do revision on her own.
Nalini Devi
Nalini Devi
16 June 2023
The challenges on Koobits are interesting and creative for kids.
Kwong Fei Yee
Kwong Fei Yee
12 June 2023
Easy to use. Children can learn independently.
Claire Tan
Claire Tan
12 June 2023
Koobits is a bite-sized and fun way to revise and learn Math concepts.

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