The Ultimate Toolkit to Ace Primary School Science in 2022

Master science exam techniques, score in open-ended questions and clarify common misconceptions.
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Master Exam Techniques

Is your child losing marks in exams because they did not use the right “keywords” and “keyphrases”? Or perhaps they did not provide enough details in the answer to score full marks?
KooBits Science introduces a step-by-step, structured process for tackling all types of exam questions. The result is your child writing answers that include all the right keywords, and matches what the teacher is looking for.

Identify & Understand Key Concepts

With just 2 hours a week of classroom time, teachers sometimes skip easier concepts to cover all the syllabus requirements. Students who can’t catch up will be lost in the sea of information.
That’s why KooBits Science focuses on helping students understand and master key science concepts. Our animated video explanations break down concepts in a clear and engaging format. Compared to black-and-white, static guidebooks, this method of learning is more visual, interactive and effective for a child.

Hassle-Free Experience for Parents

For many parents, revising science concepts they learned 20 years ago just to teach their children can be time-consuming and tiring.
With KooBits Science, you can let your child drive their own learning. Our detailed video explanations, practice questions and motivating rewards are designed for self-directed learning. And, our content is all 100% aligned to Singapore’s MOE syllabus, so you can be sure that learning on KooBits will help your child with exams and assignments in school.

Built by the same team that developed KooBits Math

  • Used in over half of Singapore MOE schools
  • Enjoyed by over 200,000 students
  • Achieve a 30+% improvement in test scores each term
  • Maximum engagement: Kids log-in to practice on their own
  • Build consistent and healthy learning habits
  • Turn internet / TV time into productive learning time
Children’s Day Discount:
Get 30% OFF with the KooBits Math + Science Bundle. Learn More →

What your KooBits Science includes:

Learn more about the design-thinking & pedagogy principles behind KooBits Science.
Frequently Asked Questions

No, KooBits is not an online tuition. There are no tutors or live lessons. 

It’s an online platform that motivates kids to practise online consistently. Students are free to learn by themselves for as long as they want. This is a powerful way of learning that boosts knowledge retention and naturally leads to more practice sessions than traditional methods. In fact, some parents told us that their kids ask them for more practice time with KooBits!

The school’s version does not have KooBits Science included. There are currently no plans to add KooBits Science to the existing school plan.

Once you’ve purchased KooBits Science, we will activate the account for you in 1-2 working days. You will be able to access it using the same account that you are using for KooBits Math.
Yes! We are currently offering a 30% discount on KooBits Math + Science purchases. Please purchase via this link.

One of the main difficulties children face is in expressing Science concepts in proper scientific terms. They also tend to misunderstand or misinterpret certain Science concepts when applied to different contexts.

For example, “like poles of magnets repel each other” vs “like poles of magnets reject each other” – some children may not see a difference in the two ways of expressing, but scientifically, it is not correct to say that the magnets reject each other. 

Another example, “Spiders are insects” – some children may overgeneralise the animal group of insects to also include spiders because spiders do look like insects. Misconceptions like these are formed overtime, and can lead to loss of marks in exams if not corrected early. 

KooBits helps children to get exposed to common misconceptions & keywords through bite-sized video lessons. These lessons help them familiarize with these common challenges in a more interactive way. And because these important concepts are delivered to them in a fun, interactive and engaging manner, they retain knowledge a lot better than memorizing textbooks. This will pay off during exams when they are more likely to recall these concepts.

KooBits Science is aligned with MOE science curriculum which starts from P3 onwards. However, some parents find it useful to expose their child to science concepts before primary 3 so that they are better prepared for the next year. Please choose the child level at primary 3.

For other questions, please visit KooBits Science FAQs.
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