KooBits Manifesto

Why we wake up every morning and do what we do:
  • Help children become a master of technology, not enslaved by it
  • Help children master Math and Science skills and real-world problem-solving skills
  • Help children to be a confident and independent thinker
  • Help children to love learning and develop a habit of self-directed learning
How we are delivering tomorrow’s education today:
  • Develop meaningful content for children
  • Leverage on best pedagogies
  • Develop healthy learning habits
  • Build intrinsic motivation
Our core beliefs for learning design:
  • Focus on understanding
  • Achieve proficiency sustainably
  • Consistency trumps intensity
  • Appreciate the purpose of learning

Meet Our Founder

What I hope to achieve through the KooBits platform is to democratize top schools’ education and help children all over the world gain opportunities to lead a successful life by excelling in education, achieving mastery and self-confidence. Through KooBits, we want to provide all children a meaningful learning experience, feed their curiosity, develop their critical thinking skills and enrich their lives beyond the classroom.

Stanley Han

CEO & Founder of KooBits

Stanley Han founded KooBits while at the National University of Singapore and with the help of top professors and educational experts from the country.

Stanley is a beneficiary of good education opportunities and scholarships, thus a strong believer in education being an agent of change. Stanley firmly believes in the power of self-directed and independent learning given his background. An engineer and game designer by training, Stanley wants to build things and create value, and use his skills to give the same educational opportunity to children around the world.

The startup journey is tough, but it’s all worth it because of our mission. Named one of BusinessWeek’s Asia’s Best Young Entrepreneurs in 2008, he continues to work towards his goal of democratizing education through KooBits today.

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Meet Our Team

​​KooBits is built by technologists, educators, innovators, dreamers, parents, and passionate life-long learners, leveraging years of experience, research, and innovative technologies. We constantly listen and work with our customers – teachers, educators, parents, and kids – on a daily basis to continuously improve our product and education content. We are inspired by the potential impact on the world and the opportunity to improve learning quality for millions of children.


Our Milestones

Over 50 countries. 400 schools. 200,000 kids. Our global community of learners is only growing.

KooBits was founded in a research lab at the National University of Singapore in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of Singapore, 30 top math educators and child development experts.
KooBits launches its first interactive e-book and becomes the winner of both the Asia Pacific ICT Awards and Infocomm Singapore Awards in the e-learning category
CNET Download.com Five Star Award 2011
KooBits raises Angel investment funding and receives a 5-star review from CNET’s global technology review site
KooBits brings math e-learning platform KooBits ProblemSums into primary schools
KooBits is the winner of EdTech Excellence Awards at Bett Asia & IDA
Every 1 in 2 primary school students in Singapore uses KooBits
KooBits raises Series A investment funding
KooBits brings gamified e-learning platform for families around the world while a global pandemic forces many children to learn remotely at home, burning quality resources and personalized learning to children from over 30 countries worldwide
KooBits further enhances its consumer product offerings and launched KooClass, a series of creative math video content to bring math to life. It’s a defining year for EdTech business, and KooBits aims to bring its business to a brand new height and to continue pursuing the dream of using technology to make learning more engaging and interactive
KooBits receives further funding from leading venture capital investors in the region
KooBits launched KooBits Science, bringing another core subject to kids with their favorite independently learning and practice features. Further improvements were made to our product experience, helping kids to focus better and develop a daily practice routine.
KooBits wins the Octava Social Innovation Challenge, powered by Solve - MIT. This challenge recognizes accessible and affordable ed-tech solutions that improve the learning outcomes for under-served K-12 learners in Southeast Asia. The winning solutions utilize evidence-based educational content informed by the science of learning and are aligned with curriculum outcomes.
Singapore President Halimah visits our office and commends KooBits for successfully leveraging technology to overcome the disruptions caused by COVID-19. President Halimah remarks that “children today have many more tools and avenues for learning at their disposal, with digitalization leading the way. The KooBits platform is engaging and the content is comprehensive.”
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