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Various plans for your child’s primary school maths learning anywhere

Home-Based Learning

Keep Learning Progress On Track
$ 12 /month/child
  • Annual Billing Only: $144 - 33% OFF

Live Tutoring

Top Tutor Online Lesson Live Streaming
$ 96 /month/child
  • Quarterly Billing: $288 - 47% OFF
  • Annual Billing: $900 - 56% OFF

KooBits Home-Based Learning Plans

for School Curriculum
for Gifted Child
Math Olympiad
for Global Competition
$12.00 / month
Annual Billing:
$144.00 / year
$24.00 / month
Annual Billing:
$288.00 / year
$48.00 / month
Annual Billing:
$576.00 / year
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100,000+ Grade 1 to 6 Topical Maths Questions
1000+ Professional Maths Problem Video Tutorials
Unlimited Worksheets with Step-by-step Solutions
Rewards with KooBits Motivation Dynamics™
Learning Analytics with KooBits Parent App
Fully Aligned Top School Maths Curriculum
Higher-Order Thinking Maths Skills Curriculum
KooBits A.I. Scan™ Maths Diagnostic Tool
Personalised Maths Curriculum with Big Data
KooBits Official Math Olympiad Curriculum™
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Buy Now
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$144.00 / year
$288.00 / year
$576.00 / year

KooBits Home-Based Learning - Standard Plan

KooBits Home-Based Learning - Premium Plan

KooBits Live Tutoring Plan

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
Currently There’s No Free Trial Available.

All pricing plans are in Singapore Dollars (SGD).
Inclusive of GST if applicable.

Feel free to contact us for any enquiries anytime.

Subscription FAQs

– Fill in all required fields and click Proceed to Payment, then you’ll be redirected to a secure payment page;

– You can pay with debit or credit card, e.g. VISA, MasterCard, American Express etc, or log in your PayPal account if applicable.
– Unfortunately most plans only support annual billing at the moment.

– As your subscription starts the day of your payment and lasts one whole year, within the subscription period your child’s account will be automatically upgraded to a new level when a new school year starts.
Yes. Your child’s account has unlimited access to any question in all Grade 1 to 6 levels under Self Practice;

– Besides, the default level is used to personalise your child’s daily experience under Challenge.
– After successful payment, you’ll receive immediate confirmation, and your account will be sent separately within one working day;

– If no email received at all, contact us at [email protected]
– To minimise unnecessary administrative cost, NO REFUND request will be accepted after 30 days of payment;

– Please kindly contact us within 30 days of payment if it’s made by mistake, or you’re not satisfied with the product.

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