7 ways on how to test if your child is a genius

Every parent hopes that their child can be a genius, or at least be a highly intellectual person. What if your child really is but you don’t know it yet? The good news is that there are simple ways to test if your child is a genius or a really smart child.  In fact, if you have been observant, you will notice some tell tale signs that your child has a high IQ. If you are not sure what to look for, here are 7 tell tale signs that your child might be a genius in the making.

How to test if your child is a genius

#1: Quick to pick up skills

If your child seems to be able to pick up reading or math skills when they are very young, it is a strong signal that your child is highly intellectual. For example, if they can read and understand the words in a kindergarten book even when they are only 2 or 3, then their brain functions are highly developed.


#2: Super memory

If your child seems to be able to remember everything he or she has seen or heard, then there is a high chance that he or she might have a brain of a genius. Their capacity to store information will be much higher than people with normal IQ so it is not surprising to see them remember everything.


#3: Like to hang out with adults

Children who are genius tend to want to hang out with adults or older children, rather than their own peers. This might be because their advanced intellect makes it easier for them to converse with adults, rather than with children of their age. If your child always likes to talk to adults, rather than playing with their peers, you might want to take note of that.

#4:  Aware of world events around them

Most children will only be aware of things happening close to them such as home, school etc. Genius kids have a sense of the wider environment. If your kids asks lot of questions about world events or things not physically close to them, you might have a child who is the next Einstein :).


#5: Musically inclined

This sign might not apply to all kids with super IQ but if you see your child picking my music extremely fast, that is a strong sign that he or she might possess a genius mind.  Another way to test this out is to let your child watch some videos on playing instruments. He or she should be able to know how to play music after watching the video if he or she is a genius.


#6: Able to think of new rules

A child with a genius mind is able to understand the overall picture and thus be able to introduce new rules into existing systems. If you see your child starting to do so when he or she is playing, then it shows that he or she is able to grasp the whole picture. That might be a signal that your child possess a ‘beautiful’ mind. :)


#7:  Strong curiosity

A child who has high IQ tend to show more curiosity. He or she will ask lots of questions about almost everything. Surprising, most of their questions might not be that straight forward to answer as the children develop a good grasp of what is going on very quickly.  If you find your child asking difficult questions that you cannot ask, you might have a genius in the family.


Hope these 7 tips can alert you on whether your child is a genius.



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