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KooBits Friends

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Together, You and All Your Friends Can Play:

  • KooBits Daily Challenge Daily Challenges
  • KooBits Peer Challenge Peer Challenges
  • KooBits Super Hero Challenges Super Hero Challenges
  • KooBits BFF Best Friends Forever
  • KooBits StoryMath StoryMath
  • KooBits KoKo Monster KoKo Monster

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Seat Availability:

KooBits Academy - The Personalised Learning

Taking your child’s learning needs into consideration, KooBits Academy prepares a systematic plan to help him or her build a steady momentum in learning mathematics. Here is how it works:

KooBits Artificial Intelligence Core conducts an in-depth analysis into your child’s performance to reveal fundamental gaps.

KooBits Curriculum Specialist Team creates a custom-made lesson plan tailored for your child to bridge those gaps.

KooBits Certified Academy Teachers enforce what your child is supposed to learn in the centre to overcome all learning gaps.

KooBits Academy - The Comprehensive Approach

With the technology, KooBits develops engaging lessons that spark your child’s interest in maths, help building a robust understanding of concepts and sharpening skills needed to solve problems

Building Confidence

The initial difficulty that students face in learning maths often affects their confidence, resulting in negative feelings.

KooBits Approach:
– Develop growth mindset
– Master key problem-solving skills
– Cultivate love for maths

Mastering Topics

Students first need to be equipped with strong foundational maths skills and understand concepts thoroughly.

KooBits Approach:
– Understand key concepts
– Regular practice
– Heuristics and problem-solving techniques

Solving Problems

Solving math problems requires understanding what the question is asking and how to apply knowledge appropriately in answer.

KooBits Approach
– Exposure to questions
– Thought process behind approaching problems
– Answer with clear logic

Preparing for Exams

In the lead-up to exams, students will adopt a structured approach to revising topics covered in the syllabus.

KooBits Approach
– Manage time and speed
– Improve accuracy to reduce mistakes
– Tackle problems efficiently

KooBits Academy - The Curriculum

KooBits learning materials are crafted in accordance to the latest syllabus and examination format that are prescribed by Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Singapore Examination & Assessment Board (SEAB).

They feature a wide range of questions to ensure that it is tailored to suit your child’s learning needs.

Primary 1 and 2
— Building a Firm Foundation

Lower primary school students are of the perfect age to learn new mathematical concepts and build a strong confidence in his or her mathematical abilities.

– Whole Numbers
– Money
– Fractions
– Measurement
– Geometry
– Data Analysis
– Word Problems

Primary 3 and 4
— Mastering Skill Sets

Middle primary school students can look forward to lessons that help them to hone their math skills.

– Whole Numbers
– Algebra
– Area & Perimeter
– Decimals
– Patterns
– Parallel & Perpendicular Lines
– Symmetry
– Geometry
– Tables & Graphs

Primary 5 and 6
— Refining and Perfecting Techniques

Upper primary students focus on PSLE preparation.

– Algebra
– Fractions
– Percentage
– Ratio
– Speed, Distance and Time
– Circles, Semicircles…
– Area & Perimeter
– Volume and Surface Area
– Whole Numbers
– 2D Solid Figures
– Geometry
– Pie Charts
– Decimals
– Rates
– Number Patterns

How KooBits Academy Is Different

KooBits® AcademyOther Centres
Certified Instructors
Individual Learning Plans
Maths Foundation
Maths Word Problems
Maths Olympiad
Maths Games
Video Lessons
Virtual Manipulatives
Factual Fluency
Progress Report
Proven Results
KooBits Video Lessons
KooBits Video Lessons
KooBits Virtual Manipulatives
KooBits Virtual Manipulatives
KooBits Factual Fluency
KooBits Factual Fluency
KooBits Progress Report
KooBits Progress Report

In KooBits Academy, the learning starts with frontal teaching in heuristics, followed by drilling through self-directed learning tools. Then the mentor will personalise the course according to each student’s performance.

More than 100,000 parents and children trust us with maths education.

KooBits Academy

KooBits Academy

2018 June Holiday Programme

Registration’s Closed. Limited Seats Available. First Come, First Served.

Official Registration Closing In

Seat Availability:

Ask Your Parents To Reserve Your Seat Today!


Primary 3 and 4
Programme Fee: $300 $240 Early Bird Promotion: 20% OFF!

LessonRun 1 - Kovan*Run 2 - Bt. Timah*Run 3 - Bt. Timah*
15 June (Tue), 10am–12pm5 June (Tue), 10am–12pm18 June (Mon), 10am–12pm
27 June (Thu), 10am–12pm7 June (Thu), 10am–12pm19 June (Tue), 10am–12pm
312 June (Tue), 1pm–3pm12 June (Tue), 1pm–3pm20 June (Wed), 10am–12pm
414 June (Thu), 1pm–3pm14 June (Thu), 1pm–3pm21 June (Thu), 10am–12pm

Primary 5 and 6
Programme Fee: $375 $300 Early Bird Promotion: 20% OFF!

LessonRun 1 - Kovan*Run 2 - Bt. Timah*Run 3 - Bt. Timah*
14 June (Mon), 1pm–3pm4 June (Mon), 1pm–3pm18 June (Mon), 1pm–3pm
26 June (Wed), 1pm–3pm6 June (Wed), 1pm–3pm19 June (Tue), 1pm–3pm
311 June (Mon), 3pm–5pm11 June (Mon), 3pm–5pm20 June (Wed), 1pm–3pm
413 June (Wed), 3pm–5pm13 June (Wed), 3pm–5pm21 June (Thu), 1pm–3pm


Kovan Centre

203 Hougang Street 21
#02-75 Kovan Central
Singapore 530203
5 minutes walk from Kovan MRT

Bukit Timah Centre

587 Bukit Timah Rd
#03-14 Coronation Shopping Plaza
Singapore 269707
8 minutes walk from Tan Kah Kee MRT

* If one or more lessons in a single run couldn’t fit in your child’s schedule, you may choose another lesson from any other runs to make up. Please include your request in the registration form.

What Your Child Will Get:

  • 4 Tailored Maths Revision Lessons
  • 1 Personalised Progress Report
  • 1 Exclusive KooBits Academy Certificate of Achievement
  • 100 FREE KoKo Credits
  • The Chance To Be Featured on KooBits Website and Facebook

and the confidence in maths!

Any Questions?
SMS/WhatsApp to +65 8484 6624; or
Email to [email protected]

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Official Registration Is Closed.
SMS/WhatsApp to +65 8484 6624 for further enquiries.

Terms and conditions
– Payment must be made as instructed to reserve a seat in the programme.
– KooBits Academy reserves all rights to make changes to any of their programmes and promotions, and may, at its discretion, amend timings, availability, venues, content and teachers according to programme priorities and client needs.
– KooBits Academy reserves all rights to make any amendments to the above Terms and Conditions without prior notice and will not be held liable for any damages that may incur from these amendments.


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