KooBits EnglishThe interactive and engaging way to master primary school English.

Ditch traditional rote memorisation for an engaging and interactive English learning experience. No more nagging at your kids to “read more” or forcing them to go through multiple rounds of spelling tests.

KooBits English is the only curriculum-aligned tool built to help your kids get excited to learn English independently, acquire new vocabulary and become effective communicators for life.

Coming soon in Q3 2024!
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  • ✅ Motivate your kids to learn English without nagging
  • ✅ Help your kids learn words up to 4x faster with 5000+ unique animated flashcards
  • ✅ Over 180+ curriculum-aligned stories to help improve reading, comprehension and listening
  • ✅ Encourage independent learning with our flagship KooBits blueprint
  • ✅ Aligned to Singapore’s MOE Curriculum 🇸🇬

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Get Your Kids Excited To Learn

KooBits makes learning new vocabulary exciting through thousands of powerful animations which turn words into humorous mini-stories or scenes. These help kids to remember words 4x faster, and retain them longer.

Curriculum Aligned

Research shows that learning chunks of words that go together by meaning is the most effective way of building up Vocabulary.
KooBits English has 5000+ essential words in MOE’s Primary School Curriculum arranged systematically into 100+ themes including “Crime” to “Transport” to “Food & Drinks”. Our animated tutorial videos teach the nuances of the words through “Progressive Vocabulary Acquisition”, helping kids to
  • Learn a set of words related to the category
  • Understand nuanced meanings through a combination of humour and storytelling
  • & Use the words in compositions, cloze passages & in everyday life.
Coming soon in Q3 2024!
Register your interest to be the first to access KooBits English when it is launched!

Nurture An Independent Reading Habit

Over 180+ KooClass stories waiting to be explored!
Kids can enjoy our read-along stories, expanding their reading, listening, and comprehension skills independently. Plus, our quizzes and challenges add fun while reinforcing their reading abilities.

Ace Spelling Tests and Exams

Is your child finding it difficult to express themselves with the right words during exams?
From our animated flashcards to our top school exam papers, our features provide an all-rounded approach to help your kids excel in any exam situation:
  • MOE curriculum-aligned spelling tests 🇸🇬
  • Top school exam papers for practice
  • 180+ curriculum-aligned comprehension passages and questions

Hassle-Free Experience for Parents

Our animated flashcards, practice questions, and motivating rewards are designed for self-directed learning, giving parents a hassle-free experience.
Our convenient parent app also allows flexible learning on-the-go, with just a phone and an internet connection:
  • Daily bite-sized practice for consistency
  • Spelling and vocabulary games to engage your child
  • Keep track of your child’s learning progress

Brought to you by the makers of KooBits Math and Science

Includes all of your child’s favourite features like:
Coming soon in Q3 2024!
Register your interest to be the first to access KooBits English when it is launched!
Frequently Asked Questions

A strong vocabulary is key to language learning. Studies show that knowing many words is essential for effective communication (McCarthy, 1990).

To achieve this, we use the Picture-Word Inductive Model, where kids learn new words through pictures first (Calhoun, 1999), helping them grasp meanings naturally before direct teaching.

We’ve enhanced this with animated vocabulary cards that use fun action sequences to illustrate each word, making meanings clear. Our method progresses from single words to phrases, sentences, and longer texts, building a strong vocabulary base. (With this strong vocabulary base, can master all other language skills)

KooBits is designed to promote self-directed learning and daily practice to help kids understand and remember new words better. Engaging stories with animations aid comprehension, making learning English fun and boosting kids’ confidence in their language skills.

Through KooBits English, kids will learn about different word classes, such as nouns, verbs, and adjectives, and how they are used in correct and complex ways.

For example, KooBits (KooClass and StoryEnglish) offers nearly 200 curriculum-aligned comprehension passages and questions for P1-6, presented as exciting stories to motivate kids to practice their comprehension and grammar skills.

These stories are also categorized into themes such as “health,” “animals,” and “sports.” which exposes them to a wide range of vocabulary and sentence structures, enhancing their ability to write more interesting and varied stories during composition questions.

KooBits English will not be available for school plans.

KooBits English includes study materials from P1-P6!