Enjoy Highest Profit Margin with Lowest Cost.

KooBits award-winning platform improves learning and reduces your cost in learning centre franchise.

All estimated pricing is in US dollars based on public data.
* Others: Minimum 1,000 square feet and 5-year lease term required;
** Others: Average royalty fee paid for 100 students in 12 months;
^ KooBits: More devices required, but smaller space and fewer employees;
^^ KooBits: Average account fee for 100 students in 12 months.

Other Franchise


  • Franchise Fee: $1,000
  • Training: $5,000
  • Materials: $3,000
  • Rent & Reno*: $30,000
  • Equipment: $2,000
  • Business Fees: $2,000
  • Marketing: $4,000
  • Payroll: $10,000
  • Royalty**: $30,000

Cost: $87,000
Revenue: $120,000
Profit: $33,000

KooBits Franchise


  • Franchise Fee: $1,000
  • Training: $0
  • Materials: $0
  • Rent & Reno^: $20,000
  • Equipment^: $4,000
  • Business Fees: $2,000
  • Marketing: $4,000
  • Payroll^: $5,000
  • Account^^: $9,000

Cost: $45,000
Revenue: $120,000
Profit: $75,000

How does KooBits technology help saving cost without comprising teaching quality?

Low Payroll Expenses

Our award-winning learning platform does the heavy lifting in teaching, so fewer teachers are needed. KooBits Learning Platform →

Free Materials Online

All learning materials are available online, so no need to purchase any worksheets or printables. Exclusive Resources →

Minimum Viable Investment

No minimum lease term or floor space requirement, so you can enjoy huge savings in rent and renovation. Testimonials →

100,000+ students are using KooBits to learn maths every day without teachers.

More Engagement, Less Intervention

KooBits® ProblemSums™ is the leading online platform for children ages 4-13 to learn and practise maths. Its content and pedagogy are based on Singapore Maths, the most successful maths curriculum in the world according to global mathematics assessment authority.

KooBits Singapore Maths

KooBits Singapore Maths

Traditional Maths Method

Traditional Maths Method

Singapore Maths removes the need to find common denominator, which is challenging for many learners. Now they are able to visualise the problem and answer it quickly.

It has been integrated seamlessly in KooBits with a full suite of video lessons, word problems and interactive activities to encourage children’s self-directed learning. Learn more at koobits.com.

49 Strategies To Grow Learning Centre Business

49 Strategies to Grow Learning Centre Business
  • #7. Create a Lead Magnet such as free report to drive prospects to opt in with emails, then build drip campaign sending emails with valuable content to strengthen relationship.
  • #12. Run Facebook Contests
  • #24. Conduct Effective Tours
  • #32. Host Public-Welcome Events
  • #40. Use Holidays in Your Marketing

and more proven ideas in details.

Exclusive sales & marketing resources for KooBits partners only!

With KooBits, Anyone Can Be A Learning Centre Owner

regardless of age, gender, country, wealth...

“What I like most about being a KooBits franchisee is the affordable, simple and effective business system.”
Lakmali, Owner of KooBits Sri Lanka Centre

“Seeing my students persist studying by themselves made me realise how wonderful KooBits self-learning really is.”
Aey, Owner of KooBits Bangkok Centre

Besides our loyal and supportive partners, KooBits has also been trusted by many industry experts and leaders over the years, including winning the prestigious EdTech Excellence Award by Bett , world’s biggest education technology exhibition.

Industry Recognitions & Awards for KooBits

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