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Why Use KooClass

KooClass’s design philosophy follows Singapore MOE’s 3 Phases of Learning.

  • Readiness: Our engaging animated videos prime your child for learning, planting the seed of curiosity for real-world math problems.
  • Engagement: Video prompts, hands-on activities, and self-assessments guide your child to apply the knowledge.
  • Mastery: Consolidate KooClass skills and knowledge by using ‘Mission’ feature in KooBits.

The result is a deeper understanding of math, and greater confidence in problem-solving.

  • Improve Knowledge Retention by 200%

    KooClass is designed based on Singapore MOE's Problem Solving Framework. This comprehensive learning approach makes KooClass an effective tool to teach your child creative ways to solve real world problems, and to remember key concepts for twice as long.

  • Increase Attention and Focus by As Much As 80%

    KooClass videos have built-in elements to get children excited and eager to learn.

  • Nurture Self-Directed Learning

    No fixed curriculum. Let your child’s curiosity drive learning!

  • No Tests, Exams or Grades

    KooClass moves at your child’s pace. Stress less, learn more.

  • Perfect Home-Based Learning Companion

    Accessible anytime, anywhere. Healthier screen time for your child.

  • Meaningful, Real-World Examples

    Learn about fractions by baking a cake. Or see how time works by designing a birthday party invite. Let your child learn math using realistic, everyday scenarios.

  • Mastery through Curiosity

    Stretch your child’s minds, inspire precious ‘Aha’ moments.

How Does KooClass Work

  • Embark On A Math Adventure

    Choose any of the 100+ math classes to get started. There are no rules, only interests!

  • Meet New Friends

    Through bite-sized video lessons, let friendly, lovable characters bring your child around the world to solve real life problems.

    → Concept Video + Tutorial Video

  • Connect the Dots

    Hands-on activities after every lesson to engage the brain and retain knowledge.

    → Quick Practice + Interactive Games

  • Get Rewarded

    Successfully completing a class rewards your child with scrolls - a symbol of mastering maths concepts!

100+ Classes, Hours of Educational Content

With new classes released every month, the learning journey never stops. Each class stacks on top of one another, helping your child connect ideas and spark new discoveries.
Ignite your child’s passion for maths with realistic situations like:
  • Learn about time by planning a birthday party invite
  • Learn about percentages by looking at COVID-19 and its impact
  • Learn about shapes by travelling to famous monuments around the world
  • Find out how scientists record the weight of elephants
All classes are categorised by topic and skill for different age groups. Here are a few examples:
  1. Age 6-8: Numbers to 10
  2. Age 6-8: Comparing Numbers (within 10)
  3. Age 6-8: Number Positions
  4. Age 6-8: Numbers to 20
  5. Age 6-8: Comparing Numbers (within 20)
  6. Age 6-8: Numbers to 40
  7. Age 6-8: Numbers to 100
  1. Age 7-9: Numbers to 1000
  2. Age 7-9: Comparing Numbers (within 1000)
  3. Age 7-9: Odd & Even Numbers
  4. Age 8-10: Numbers to 10 000
  5. Age 8-10: Comparing Numbers (within 10 000)
  6. Age 9-11: Numbers to 100 000
  7. Age 9-11: Rounding & Estimating Numbers
  8. Age 10-12: Numbers to 10 million
  9. Age 10-12: Comparing numbers (within 10 million)
  1. Age 7-9: Equal Parts of a Whole
  2. Age 7-9: Unit Fractions
  3. Age 7-9: Comparing Unit Fractions
  4. Age 7-9: Like Fractions
  5. Age 7-9: Adding & Subtracting Like Fractions
  1. Age 11-12: Percentage Composition
  2. Age 11-12: Percentage & Money: Discounts & Taxes
  3. Age 11-12: Percentage & Money: History of Banks and Interest
  4. Age 11-12: Percentage Comparison: Covid-19 and Pandemics
  1. Age 7-9: Length & its History
  2. Age 8-9: The Tallest and Deepest (in metres)
  3. Age 8-9: Measuring (in centimetres)
  4. Age 8-9: Large distances (in kilometres)
  1. Age 8-9: Mass and its History
  2. Age 8-9: Mass (in kg) and Capacity
  3. Age 8-9: Mass in Food and Baking
  1. Age 6-8: History of Time & Parts of the Day
  2. Age 7-9: A.M. & P.M.
  3. Age 7-10: The Traditional Clock
  4. Age 8-10: Timetable
  5. Age 8-10: Time & Duration
  6. Age 9-11: Seconds
  7. Age 9-11: The 24-Hour Clock
  1. Age 9-10: Perimeter: Rectangles and Squares
  2. Age 9-10: Area: Perspective of Size
  1. Age 7-8: Drawing with Shapes
  2. Age 7-8: What Comes Next?
  1. Age 8-10: Perpendicular & Parallel Lines
  2. Age 9-10: The Beauty of Symmetry
  1. Age 9-10: Angles Around Us
  2. Age 10-12: Angles in Navigation
  3. Age 11-12: Angles in Architecture

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