Empowering children to become confident, independent and happy learners.

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Join our growing community for primary schoolers to learn, practice and play on our e-learning platforms, KooBits Math and KooBits Science.

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We all know what the digital kids of today would choose.

We’re facing the same challenge all around the world: Learning can’t seem to happen without supervision.

Meet KooBits.

KooBits is an AI-driven startup on a mission to democratize quality K-12 education to all children worldwide.

We believe that technology should be leveraged to support children of all abilities and backgrounds to learn effectively and independently, anytime and anywhere.

We have a special name for the problem solvers and innovators of tomorrow:

We enable KooKids to learn independently without supervision.

KooKids wake up at the crack of dawn to enter our portal and complete challenges. Trust us, we have the data to back it up. They are putting in the work even before the school day starts!

We encourage KooKids to process learning concepts on their own.

Learning can always happen ahead. In true flipped classroom fashion, KooKids can get a grasp on concepts before entering the classroom.

We turn digital playtime of KooKids into productive learning hours.

A little bit of play can go a long way! With just 20 minutes a day, KooKids can build some great learning habits on our gamified platform without even realizing it.

We help KooKids see improvements in their performance.

Confidence is key in building consistency. With the right routine in place, our KooKids can take tangible steps towards bettering their results.

We free up time for educators as KooKids engage in self-directed learning.

Every KooKid deserves a great teacher. With learning happening both in and out of the classroom, teachers now have more capacity to deliver that lesson plan comprehensively.

Our Story.

Built by technologists, educators, innovators, dreamers, and passionate life-long learners
Leveraging years of experience, research, and innovative technologies
Empowering children to become confident, independent and happy learners

KooBits was first incubated and invested by NUS Enterprise in 2007, the entrepreneurial arm of National University of Singapore. Over the years, we have established long-lasting partnerships with researchers, schools and educators, and received support from institutions like the Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) for research and development.

Today, KooBits is headquartered in Singapore with employees all across Southeast Asia. Our mission is to inspire, educate and motivate children to become independent learners and problem-solvers of the future, by building a global education platform that is powered by innovative technologies, comprehensive education content, world-class teaching pedagogies, and engaging user experience.

Over 250,000 active monthly users in more than 160 countries learn, practice and play on our e-learning platforms, KooBits Math and KooBits Science. We believe we can deliver tomorrow’s education today.

Present in > 400 Schools Worldwide

Recent Achievements

Finalist of Game Changer Award at Bett Asia 2023
Winner of Octava Social Innovation Challenge 2022 by MIT Solve

As featured in

Bridging gaps for children all around the world.

There has been a global shortage in delivering localized curriculums and engaging content that enables children to learn confidently and independently. KooBits puts the best resources in the pocket of every child. We leverage technology to solve 4 key problems for K-12 content:

Content Distribution

We enable digital education to be accessible via mobile and web, offering an alternative to physical distribution.

Content Production

We engage in automated content digitization to reduce unit production costs by 90%.

Content Localization

Our in-house technology allows us to localize educational content in 3 months.

Content Delivery

We productize the traits of great teachers into scalable software features.

Making educational content digestible and student-centric.

To deliver pedagogy effectively, educational content should be readily available in bite-sized pieces. KooBits content breaks down learning points across different countries’ curriculums into skills and sub-skills, allowing us to make student-centric dissections and improvements across different syllabus.
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Building learning routines in the digital environment.

Our platform structures are meticulously crafted by the top educators and professionals in Singapore. We integrate motivational dynamics, gamified rewards, social and peer learning, and parent-teacher-child interaction to make digital learning a regular habit that children look forward to engaging in.
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Applying and expanding our technology-driven approach.

KooBits is building a global education platform that is powered by innovative technologies, comprehensive education content, world-class teaching pedagogies, and engaging user experience. Having established a strong foundation in STEM subjects, our goal is to leverage technology to scale digital learning in a way that increases global mobility, such as bringing language accessibility to the world.
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Creating a culture of non-stop innovation.

KooBineers are a team of educators and technology enthusiasts with passion, grit, and integrity. We value diverse perspectives and people who challenge assumptions. Most importantly, we embrace technology and the potential it brings. We welcome the integration and development of AI to accelerate our work, and strive to scale our expertise in creative ways to build a global community of learners.
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Our Community

“I like KooBits because it helps me improve in my Math and it also gives me challenging problem sums to do. There are also interesting stories for me to read. I enjoy the Peer Challenge as I get to choose someone in my class or school who knows more about Math so that I could know where to improve on.”

“She loves the KooClasses! She also enjoys the Daily Challenges and and Peer Challenges. The KooClasses are very engaging and they help her to understand the topics better. KooBits also uses the same method as how her teacher teaches and it reinforces her learning daily. The badges and credits motivates her to complete the challenges daily so she can use the credits to unlock more lessons.”

"After using KooBits, we felt more at ease in handling our son's academic work. It helps us to monitor his learning progress clearly as well."

“I enjoy doing KooBits because I can gain KoKo Credits and earn challenge points everyday. I like to do KooBits together with my brother. He teaches me some sums that I do not know how to do and I learn new things. My mother says that I should practise Math problems every day and doing KooBits is what I do. It's so fun!”

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