Help Your Child Solve the Toughest Primary School Maths Word Problems

Introducing Singapore’s most advanced heuristic mastery tool:
From tricky P1 questions to “impossible” PSLE Paper 2 word problems, KooBits simplifies heuristics so any student can breeze through MOE’s exam questions.
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What Are Maths Heuristics?

Heuristics are essential problem solving skills for difficult word problems in MOE’s Math paper 2.
Heuristics are key in achieving AL1.

Master Word Problems in Paper 2

How do top students get higher than AL4? By scoring the final few 5-mark word problems. With our MOE-aligned heuristic worksheets, your child will unlock new ways to ace these difficult Paper 2 questions.
Practise online and get instant feedback with auto-marking. Or print these exam-style papers to recreate an offline mock test at home. Both are excellent ways to give your child more heuristic practice time outside school.

Singapore’s First: Step-by-Step Heuristic Animations

Our animated tutorials are like IKEA manuals for heuristics. We walk through each question step-by-step, helping kids to visualise the problem and the solution. The more they watch, the more skilled they get at finding the best method for solving tough questions.
And unlike boring assessment books, the colourful images and detailed breakdowns make our animations a simple, yet the most advanced way of mastering heuristics in Singapore.

Hassle-Free Experience for Parents

Discover the 12 heuristics often tested by MOE, so you have a clear idea of what might come out in exams. And instead of waiting for tutors or teachers for help, you can now be a proud parent who knows exactly how to help your child.
Forget about hunting down assessment books and answer sheets too. Simply rely on KooBits to give you precise, detailed and effective heuristic solutions for your child.
Heuristics for Students of Any Level

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, KooBits is not online tuition. Instead, it’s an online platform that motivates kids to practise online consistently. There are no tutors or in-person lessons. Students are free to learn by themselves for as long as they want to.

This powerful way of learning boosts knowledge retention and naturally leads to more practice sessions than traditional methods. Some parents admitted that their kids asked them for more practice time with KooBits too!

Yes, KooBits is a perfect supplement to your child’s tuition. KooBits reinforces a child’s knowledge, so they benefit more from an in-person class. Instead of waiting for tuition to clarify doubts, your child can rely on KooBits for help anywhere, anytime.

The school’s version does not have the Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), a feature used for heuristics practice. This is available only in Premium. Click here to upgrade.

Yes, you can print out word problems worksheets. We’ve designed the worksheets to follow exam-paper format so your child can get used to it. Click here to get free access.

Yes, heuristics will help your child excel in all areas of maths. Heuristics also sharpen critical thinking skills which can boost your child’s performance in other areas.

We require credit card/PayPal information to verify our users and to keep our community of students safe. But don’t worry as you won’t be charged during the 7-day trial period. You may cancel anytime before your trial ends too.