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By using KooBits for only 20 minutes a day, 1 in 2 elementary school students see 30% improvement in math every term.*

  • World’s best math learning method
  • Step-by-step animated explanations
  • Build healthy learning habits
  • Nurture happy and motivated learners

Trusted by 200,000+ users worldwide

* Research published in International Conference on Teaching and Learning with Technology (iCTLT) 2016
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    Trusted and used by students of
  • Learn Faster, More Effectively

    Solve tough math problems using concise animated explanations.

  • Rewards to Make Learning Fun

    Lesser stress and more motivation to practice math every day.

  • Build A Learning Habit

    20 minutes is all your child needs to start a healthy practice routine.

  • Self-Directed Learning

    Let your child pick the content best suited for their needs and abilities.


World’s Best Maths Learning Method

As the most successful curriculum in the world according to global authority, Singapore Math uses Model Method to help your child:

  • Easily visualises word problems
  • Quickly breaks down complex concepts
  • Simply boosts your child’s confidence
  • Effectively improves test scores
Includes Philippine DepEd K12 National Curriculum and Singapore MOE Latest Syllabus.
Sample Topics and skills from Philippine DepEd Math Curriculum
† Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) 2019 International Results

Step-by-Step Animated Explanations

Stuck on a question? Or finding it difficult to teach math to your child? Simply watch animated video explanation which teaches the concept.
Each video breaks down concepts in a way that’s easily understood by a child. And instead of revealing the answer, these videos encourage your child to seek out the solution on their own. The videos can be played unlimited times until your child understands the concept.
  • Promotes independent learning
  • Easily visualise complex word problems
  • Colourful visuals and animations to aid understanding
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Build Healthy Learning Habits

Celebrate hard work with meaningful playtime and rewards. KooBits’s rewards system motivates your child to learn and practice every day - all by themselves!
  • Daily challenge with personalized questions to earn Badges
  • Games limited to 25 minutes for healthier screen time
  • Learn maths through captivating stories
  • Zero ads, child-safe content

100+ Interactive Virtual Classes
Exciting Maths Adventures Await

It’s a maths playground for curious students!
Let your child see how maths works in the real-world. Feed their curiosity, develop critical thinking and enrich their lives beyond the classroom.
  • Interactive virtual classes on topics that go beyond the classroom
  • Learn through meaningful, real world examples
  • Meet friendly and lovable characters

Higher-Order Thinking Skills (HOTS)
The Ultimate Challenge for Maths Mastery

HOTS questions require students to truly understand a concept, and not simply rely on memorisation. These problems will be tough. But the results are worth the effort!
  • Powerful way to unlock problem-solving skills
  • Stretch your child’s mind and boost creativity
  • Detailed solutions available

Top Schools’ Questions in One Place

Finding past school papers can be a chore. KooBits makes your life easier by compiling top school exam questions in one convenient package.
  • Printable worksheets for offline practice
  • Automated marking. No supervision required!
  • Grade 1 to 6 questions at your fingertips

How It Works

One account for unlimited access across levels. Learning Math is just a click away with KooBits.
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    01. Sign up for a plan that best suits your child.

  • Select a plan and pay online
  • Receive login ID via email
  • Log in to KooBits

    02. Receive a set of 10 personalized questions through KooBits Daily Challenge

  • Start by doing the 10 questions that are generated automatically from KooBits Daily Challenge
  • The questions are personalized for your child based on his/ her understanding of the topics
  • With consistent practice, your child will be more confident and you will see his/ her results improve over time!

    03. Download the Parent App to gain real-time insights of your child’s learning progress.

  • Receive a login ID for the Parent App via email
  • Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store
  • Log in to see the dashboard highlighting your child’s progress
  • Identify weaknesses and easily assign worksheets for targeted revision of the particular topic
  • Benchmark against the national average with ease

    04. See your child’s effort being rewarded at KooBits Top Brain Award.

  • Let your child join the Superhero Challenge and Sunday Mini Challenge
  • Challenge points are awarded for his/ her participation in every challenge
  • The challenge points qualifies your child for participation in the KooBits Top Brain Award
  • Your child will be awarded with a medal and certificate if he/ she wins the Top Brain Award!

    05. Befriend the global community of learners through KooBits Peer Challenge.

  • Encourage your child to join the KooBits Peer Challenge to compete with children worldwide
  • The friendly challenge helps to improve their skills and let them befriend like-minded friends around the world
  • See how positive peer influence works its magic, your child will be motivated to practice Math on KooBits daily!

Award-Winning Online Learning Platform for Math​s

Unlimited access to Grade 1 to 6 syllabus
100,000+ questions with instant feedback
1000s of animated explanations
Build healthy learning habits
Nurture happy, motivated learners

Delivering Tomorrow’s Education Today

At KooBits, we’re focused on using technology to build learning tools that work with, and not against children. We’ve carefully created a safe and effective learning environment for students to learn. It’s our goal to transform every child into a happy, motivated and independent learner.

Designed for Parents

KooBits removes the frustration of teaching maths at home. You’ll finally know the topics which your child needs extra attention. Never miss a thing in your child’s learning journey again!
  • Learn together with your child
  • Assign homework to fill learning gaps
  • Tailored reports to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses at a glance
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What KooBits Math includes:

Unlimited access through Web browser on desktop computer, laptops, tablets or any other digital device with internet connection from anywhere anytime as you like.

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