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KooBits Parent App
with KooBits A.I. and Big Data

+ Real-time learning progress anytime
+ On track with the latest school syllabus
+ Comparison to peers nationwide for insights
Now included in all Pricing Plans.
Start tracking your child’s learning progress today!
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KooBits Parent App will help you

Track your child’s strengths & weaknesses in real time

You don’t need to remember all your child’s mistakes in maths, because we help you keep track of all learning development anytime.

Know your child's progress against school syllabus

You don’t need to ask the maths teachers, because we help you see exactly your child’s syllabus understanding every school term.

Benchmark your child’s progress against the peers

You don’t need to ask around to sense your child’s maths competency, because we help you see comparison to peers nationwide.

Access to your child's favourite features on the go

Without entering ID and password, your child can access features like Daily Challenge, Peer Challenge and Assignment anywhere anytime.

Loved by All Parents from Early-Bird Pre-Orders

“It is very informative and useful. It allows me to know what are the areas my child is good or weak in… It covers not only current year syallabus progress and it could track past year’s learning syallabus and progress too. Just amazing !”

– Bernice, Parent of A DLSS Student
“Benchmarking my child’s progress against the national average, because we could understand where our child’s weakness is and help her improve along the way. Usually use at the evening to see how many questions she has attempted and practiced.”

– Valance, A P2 Parent from North

Never miss any piece of your child’s learning journey.

Now Included in All Pricing Plans.


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